Sandra Black 


My journey into reading for people, came about through several converging life experiences, which left me on my knees reeling.  Out of this time, came introspection, and determination.

Immersed with an innate hunger to understand and connect to others.   I headed along my community library, and over the next while immersed myself in as many autobiographies from everywhere and anywhere as I could get my hands on and life moved on.


Fast forward to 2006.  Talking to an acquaintance; we were both blown away, when I began sharing personal information provided by their close passed over relative.


Through the impromptu medium experience, I was able to experience first-hand the peace, love, and healing that came from these beautiful two-way messages.  During this time, I was studying psychology, and not long after word got out in the spirit world that I was "active," and I began to get inundated with longing souls.  A choice came:


1. Carry on and achieve a marketing degree.

2. Fess up, roll up my sleeves, share life healing messages.


The final decision came after a heart to heart with my children, when asking for considerations they had about having their mother break out of the "medium closet" coming back with the green light to go for it.   The pictures were taken, business cards printed, website went online, ads went in the paper, the MBS expo was booked, the doors were well and truly opened.  Life with spirit settled down nicely, all was on track, and in order of where it was meant to be.


In 2009 after being out of the “medium closet” for over a year, it occurred to me someone had to be spiritually working alongside me.   Sitting down I focused in on "whoever was working with me to please come forward".


Out of a spiritual hallway, a male with long white hair and beard, strode purposefully towards me with long white robes billowing about him.   The man in white sat down in front of me, and leaning his arms over his knees, he peered wordlessly at me from across wire rim glasses he had perched on the end of his nose and with that I immediately felt a glow spread across my heart, i immediately recognised the glow as the glow I'd experienced since i was a teenage, smiling at the man in white, he smiled back, i told him if ever there was a Moses type character it was surely him, he reply was one that told me I could call him Aaron. 


Aaron shared poem with me that turned out to be a sort of graduation gift.   The poem explained the journey through all into mediumship.   It seemed, as I'd been preoccupied with making my way through the life experiences I'd had in-front of me, Aaron unbeknownst to me had been patiently waiting on the side-lines observing all.  His poem brought home to me; whatever is in front of us, we never truly walk alone.


...she knows...

She walks among you as you are and as you will

She knows

She has seen the darkness as it did run about

And torment her so


Underdog of the unloved

Laid low to the bones to the pain of it all

Give up not, hang on, hold-fast

The winds of change did blow their mighty blow

And loud, did the fire burn

Until it was done, and all but burned out

Then came the time of quiet,

In which to pick up the pieces of remain

And walk did she again

Hungered was she

For the very purpose and echoes of the pain that did lay scattered about her

And it was then she could do naught but ask

'What of all the others?"

"What of them?"

"What have they been going through?"

Intense was her need to know

Bathed she did amongst many pages of books of women and men alike

Journeying alongside them in the baring of our most richest

Most dedicated of souls

Garnished through the inward became she to their beauty

Understanding did rush out to meet her

Close became she now in bond

Insight did come

It swelled and did bloom

Then came the knowing

And finally

 Could she see

All the strands were timely

Were meant to be

Furnished, and now ready

Understanding the key

Purpose built by design

...she knows...