Sandra Black 

Meditation Suggestions

Steve Nobel - of "The Soul Matrix" provides some of the highest clearing, shielding, re-calibrating, meditations available.  I've added a few of Steve's meditations here, many others can be found on YouTube. 

Affirmations: Psychic Protection to Align With

a Higher Frequency of Light

Speedily paced protection affirmation.  Perfect

for settling, and calming a busy or racing mind.

Good luck keeping up!

Esther and Jerry Hicks - "Getting into the Vortex".  Is an amazing four track meditation CD which works through the law of attraction.   Listening to these four tracks in rotation worked for me,  happily recommend to others.  This CD can be brought online from The Nile.

Diamond White Violet Fire Transmission: Clearing Old Karmic Patterns and Programs

Opportunities to clear dense karmic communication ties, between ourselves and others.  Sends healing to past and future timelines.
Blue Ray Transmission: Awaken. You Are a
Light-Bearer and Way-Shower

Powerful healing activation transmission. Includes 3D to 5D ego system upgrade.
Higher Light Decree: Entering the

5 min bedtime gathering in of your team of highest light, so they may enter, clear, seal and protect the space around you while you sleep.