Sandra Black 

Welcome to my Website!

Thanks for stopping by.   Hi, my name is Sandra, I’m a healing communicator from New Zealand who is incredibly blessed to have an amazing job of working alongside a team dedicated to bringing through healing, guidance, support, encouragement, and empowerment. 

Originally from Te Anau, Fiordland, and now based down the road from New Plymouth, Taranaki, I’ve been working as a medium since 2006 when "on a day out of the blue", spirit turned up unexpectedly “putting me to work”.

Readings - range from connections of mediumship, to insights shared on present day and future events.

When it comes to those "around us", I find there are three main categories:

  1. Passed on loved ones - family who "knew" and “know" us.
  2. Our higher self - known as our guide or mentor, who is overseeing us as we undertake our current life placement.
  3. Those in the higher realms - working at humanitarian/planetary greater universal good of all level.   Assisting us upgrade our energetic light coding, which is us coming online to wake up to life beyond 3D fear-based density, drama, and suffering.  Yes it's a thing, and the higher realms are all systems go supporting our collective evolution.

Readings offer opportunities for connection, offer bigger picture insight, and let you know whatever you’ve got going on in your life, you're probably a lot more bog standard normal that you've ever realised – oh yes welcome to my world...

Thanks for your visit today, I hope you enjoy looking around. 

Sandra x