…Welcome to Sandra Black Medium…

Hello, my name is Sandra, my role as a medium means I'm the one in the middle connecting and passing on messages made available to me via a raft of sensory Information.

Tuning in through a person’s/client’s first name, Information shared during a reading comes in via the person’s/client’s higher self or passed over loved one. Readings are unique to each person I read for and offer Insight, encouragement, guidance, and healing.  

I first began sharing messages quite by accident in 2006, after spontaneously sharing a connection that brought about a tremendous amount of healing for all involved.

Completely touched by the experience and for the journey those involved had been walking through, I came to understand, it is through our COMPASSION and EMPATHY for EACH OTHER that energetic doorways open and for me the doorway that opened that day, was mediumship.

Over time, readings have been shared with people from all walks of life, and countries throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Originally from the stunning Te Anau, Fiordland in the deep south of the South Island. Nowadays, I live not far out of the North Island city of New Plymouth.

One to One, and Phone Readings are available by Appointment - Wednesday’s to Sunday’s, 10am to 3pm.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. I hope you enjoy your look around, and if I am the reader your heart says yes to, I look forward to hearing from you...


Sandra x