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Sandra Black 

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Welcome.  My name is Sandra, from 2006 to 2019 - I was incredibly blessed sharing space and passing on messages of comfort, guidance, and support with many wonderful people.   In November 2019 I observed a change in medium readings that morphed into sessions of Healing and or Activation especially so for those with Galactic Heritages.

On 24-11-2019 after guiding a group through a "matter to energy mediation"  that focused moving inner polarity into a state of paradox, that was then released through an alchemy & transmutation process that I was informed by my team that I'd officially "activated".   


It wasn’t until 5 days later, when a client spontaneously shared how they felt like I’d activated them, that I understood I'd realigned back to my Galactic family within the love and light of the higher dimensions.

10 years prior on 11-11-2009 I channelled through 3-pages that foretold of the assembling of my spiritual team who were gathering to work for the greater good (of humanity) and elevation of it. 


It was explained to me then, how this would be happening at a greater magnitude due to many awakenings occurring in the near future and how it would be from these awakenings that a shift in conscious thinking that was  much needed would occur.   

There was mention of challenging times ahead for those newly awoken from "slumbers of descent" as they faced a clearing away of old habits that would bring about a discomfort that once through the ascension process, all souls having walked through the process  would find it to be beneficial.

The words of encouragement were to share with those going through the process, that their emergence would be akin to that of a labour and shedding of an outgrown skin.  That going through the ascension process would enable those emerging to merge with greater clarity and understanding of their true higher selves (this is also know as lifting the veil). 

2020 - Along with sharing messages of insight, I work with light language healing, and a number of spirit indigenous cultures who began arriving each time I set to work clearing density energies to bring through golden light codes of creation pathways from heaven into the earth planes.  I love aligning with the dimensional collective scared heart beat, whether that be within our sacred Mother Earth, or within the universe and heavens around us - our true home when we're not out on or engaged in life placement missions assignments.

Readings are unique to everyone I read for. With each reading offering a range of earth walk Insight, encouragement, guidance, bit of mediumship, past life insight, Galactic Healing and a variety of tools shared to assist clients out on their day to day front line adventures in life. 

  • One to One or Phone Readings available by Appointment - Wed to Sun, 10am to 3pm.
  • Nourish Workshops - guided healing experience in a circular bell tent. Contact Sandra to register your interest. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope you enjoy your look around, and if I am the reader your heart says yes to, I look forward to hearing from you.


Sandra x

"Out of the LightWorker Closet since 2006"

Since 2006 I've been blessed to have met & read for many beautiful people from all walks of life & countries . 


Originally from the stunning mountain ranges and lakes of the south west of the South Island in 

Te Anau, Fiordland. We relocated into Inglewood, Taranaki at the beginning of 2017.  

About Sandra 

I first began sharing messages quite by accident in 2006, after spontaneously sharing a connection that brought about a tremendous amount of healing for all involved.

Completely touched by the experience and for the journey those involved were walking through, I came to understand it is through our COMPASSION and EMPATHY for feel for ONE ANOTHER that energetic doorways open.

This experience is in no way unique, nor special to a select few, RATHER this is OUR TRUE NATURE beyond this 3-D life experience.